The Future Is Now | Online lecture TU Delft

Nieuws/15 April 2020

Op 16 april houdt architect Nathalie Rabouille van RoosRos een interactieve livestream lezing voor de opleiding Bouwkunde TU Delft. “The Future Is Now”. 

“Designing healthy and future proof buildings, that's our mission. Or must we say 'was' our mission. We can't possibly ignore how our current COVID-19 world is different from the one we knew a few months ago.

Where does our office stand in all of this? How are we dealing with the world- and climate problems we're facing in our present and future projects and developments?

This is an opportunity to share our office strategies, as well as a call to all free thinking and future oriented architecture students to brainstorm with us about the ever-changing dynamics of our profession.

RoosRos architects is livestreaming an interactive lecture on April 16th starting at 13:00 via Microsoft Teams.”