About RoosRos

About us
RoosRos Architects is a full-service architectural firm. We provide all aspects of the trade: from concept development and design right up to technical development and site supervision. We work with some 35 colleagues from two offices: one in Oud-Beijerland and one in Goes. From here we serve clients throughout The Netherlands and beyond.

Our portfolio distinguishes itself by a great diversity of projects, both large and small. We tackle a small private assignment with as much passion as a large company premises or a complex urban planning project. Not only do we translate your wishes and requirements, but also your dreams into a high quality design. We also take into account the context in which a project must be realised. This means that our designs are not characterised by just one style.

We realise projects that contribute to the spatial quality of the urban environment. Reaching for the sky, but with our feet firmly in the clay, we work to achieve this result. After all, on the one hand we are explorers, dreamers, always on the look-out for chances and opportunities so that we may surprise and renew. Go-getters too, looking for the limits and not deterred by obstacles and apparent impossibilities. On the other hand we are down to earth. A project must be done efficiently, within a reasonable budget and schudule and must comply with the requirements and wishes of the client.

We search for the essence in that challenging playing field - between sky and clay. We do that by being inquisitive, by going that extra mile and by asking questions. By abandoning well-known pathways and following new roads. But most of all by taking you along in our quest. This enables us to create solutions which satisfy the wishes of the users, but which also provide sustainability in the relevant context. For us, that is spatial quality.

We would love to tell you more about our vision and abilities.

Please contact us at:

RoosRos Architects

L.J. Costerstraat 2

3261 LH Oud-Beijerland

The Netherlands

Postbox 1631

3260 BC Oud-Beijerland

The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 186 – 69 15 80 

Fax: +31 186 – 69 31 44
Email: info@roosros.nl

RoosRos Architects is a member of the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (BNA) and the Dutch Association of Interior Architects (BNI).